Using online enrollment for your youth program comes with numerous advantages. But when your enrollment platform offers a multitude of form elements and the option to create your own enrollment requirements, it’s helpful to identify what information you need before opening enrollment.

Before building your online applications, take a moment to think through the various aspects of your program, jot down what’s important and what you’ll need to know about the participants, then be sure to require that information on your enrollment applications.

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Online Enrollment Considerations to Get You Started


Understanding any relevant health information about your participants like allergies, dietary restrictions, and medical conditions, along with emergency transportation is key to the safety and confidence of kids, families and staff alike! You may want to consider the physical impact of your program's activities and ask questions that help you understand any potential risks for your participants; these questions may vary depending on the type of program you are offering.


If your program hosts children outside you may require a sunscreen form in addition to any other medications. Asking for swimming experience may be helpful if water is involved; a medical physical or waiver may also make sense for more physically demanding activities. 


When academic curriculum is a part of your program, understanding grade level, school district and specific school can be helpful. Knowledge of any special instruction requirements or language barriers may assist with staffing considerations and class placement, and influence family communication strategies.


Capturing guardian contact information is essential, along with details of anyone authorized to pick-up each child. Some situations may call for understanding who is NOT allowed to pick up children.

Here are some examples of data you may want to consider collecting for your program: 

Youth Program Online Registration Questions, Tips, and Data Management Essentials

Child Information

  • Birthday/age
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Guardian information
  • Language at home
  • Allergies
  • Inhaler or EpiPen use
  • T-shirt size
  • Insurance
  • Special education status

School Information

  • Current school
  • Current grade (or grade for this coming fall)
  • Free or reduced-price meals


  • Authorized pickups (in addition to guardians)
  • Restricted/not allowed to pick up
  • Arrival plan
  • Dismissal plan


  • Nut-free
  • Photo/video release
  • Liability


  • Request for administration of medication (nonprescription, prescription, topical, sunscreen)
  • Emergency medical form
  • Health physical

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