The benefits of physical fitness for youth are vast. A new study reveals that children who are more physically fit exhibit fewer incidences of anxiety, depression, and mental disorders.

At Arly we’re all about holistic wellness and that’s why we’ve created Arly Fitness! Part of the Explorers curriculum, Arly Fitness is a comprehensive, functional fitness program for preK-8 students focusing on building stability, agility, power, mobility, cardio, and endurance. Designed to make fitness fun and engaging, Arly Fitness is aligned with the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) standards, ensuring high-quality and effective fitness activities.

A Comprehensive, Functional Fitness Program

Fitness Components and Functional Movements

Targeting key body areas and movements, Arly Fitness helps participants develop practical fitness skills that translate into everyday life. By simulating common movements, kids develop the necessary muscle coordination to complete daily tasks easily and without injury. 

The program offers weekly 12-16 foundational activities per grade band as well as 36+ quick activities to get kids moving. Arly Fitness incorporates games and play to ensure that students enjoy participating in the activities.

Accompanying Staff Training & Resources 

Arly Fitness includes self-paced staff training that educates staff about the importance of physical activity for kids, along with valuable safety and effectiveness tips. Facilitation scripts include modifications for varying abilities and demonstration videos to help staff learn the correct form and guide kids with confidence through the fitness activities.

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Arly is a comprehensive youth management platform that offers high-quality curriculum. With Arly Explorers enrichment curriculum, you can empower children with essential life skills through engaging activities that positively shape your program’s culture. To see how Arly can enhance your youth program, get a demo today!